Individual Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

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Stress has been taking control of your life for way too long.

Your mind is filled with nagging thoughts that make you worry about every little thing. So, you push yourself harder. Work seems to always be stressful, but the stress is piling up more now. You’re a hard-working go-getter to begin with. But now you’re feeling overwhelmed and worried.

Anxiety is still getting the best of you.

You’re tired of the constant worry about getting everything right and making life perfect.
You want to be satisfied with yourself, but you just can’t seem to push off those anxious thoughts that tell you you have to hide what you’re really feeling: doubt. Anxiety and stress are good at making you feel doubtful.

You doubt your achievements.
You doubt your goals.
You doubt yourself.

And it continues to keep you overworked and exhausted.

You’ve taken on so much that you forgot to take care of yourself.

So, you keep hoping to get through this part of life and move on to the next.

You find yourself constantly in a rush, nervous, and weary. You barely have time for yourself, much less anyone else. All the while, anxiety still lurks right around the corner, leading you to believe the worst about yourself, despite your best efforts.

So you keep working harder. You keep stressing. And at the end of the day, you’re left feeling drained. You work, hope, and go after your plans, but you still feel stuck.

You’ve taken on so much that you forgot to take care of yourself.

Making the decision to seek therapy is difficult for you. It’s a step in accepting that maybe things aren’t perfect.

And that’s ok.

So what now?

You’re filled with questions, ideas, and more than anything, a desire to defeat anxiety, to relieve the stress.

Together, we can explore who you are without overwhelming stress. You may always be a busy, hard-working go-getter, but you don’t have to be defined by that nagging self-doubt and worry.

Therapy can help you get rid of those annoying, anxious thoughts. You can move forward. We will work together to help you create a more balanced lifestyle. You don’t have to be held back by anxiety, and you don’t have to face life alone.

It’s time you find hope, say no to bad stress, and take your life back.

What does restoring hope in yourself look like?

It’s going to involve a lot of telling those terrible, nagging thoughts to stop and go away. It’s going to be about you finding the line between good stress and bad stress, and deciding when to say no and when to move forward.

It’s about you creating a structure for yourself, instead of letting work, stress, and anxiety create it for you.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re probably worried that if you aren’t stressed, you aren’t doing your life right.

But deep down, you’re thinking that without all that bad stress and negativity, you would be able to better pursue your goals and work hard, because you would believe in yourself and your abilities.

You can make decisions and not doubt yourself every step of the way. You can put the effort into your work, and know when to take a break and take care of yourself. You are stronger than anxiety.

Let’s take this journey together of ridding you of doubt and refreshing your life.

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