Individual Therapy for Separation and Divorce Recovery

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You never planned to be going through separation and divorce.

Even if things weren’t so great in your marriage recently, this idea of divorce may still feel like a shock to you. When you said those vows, you meant til death do you part. You committed to him.

So as you begin talking with an attorney, it all feels a bit unreal. In a way, all of this was just put on your lap and now you have to pick up the pieces and somehow get through a divorce.

And you don’t know how to deal with any of it. No one else seems to really get what you’re going through.

Sure, your family and friends, at least the ones who know, are supportive of you. They love you. They’re finding more reasons to be mad at him and take up for you. And that’s nice, but you still feel alone.

You go through waves of sadness, anger, confusion, and maybe fear. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect, and sometimes you don’t even know what you’re feeling.

This whole divorce process feels like a wrecking ball, destroying everything in its path. You’re left in ruins, having to start your life over from the ground up.

You feel confused and alone, starting your life over. 

You’d always wanted a great marriage. (Of course, who doesn’t?). You spent so much time and energy with him. You had a home together. You had plans and dreams for your future together.

Even on the bad days, there was still love. You still cared for him and worked on the marriage. Now looking back on those days, you’re trying to see it more clearly, to figure out what went wrong. But it’s still so confusing.

Back when you got married, divorce just didn’t seem like an option to you. Sure, maybe everyone thinks about it at some point, with a bit of worry that it might happen, but you were so sure of your marriage.

And now, you don’t know what you can be sure of. The person you counted on, trusted, dedicated your life to- he is not there anymore.

Some days you’re mad at him. Some days you beat yourself up, wracking your brain and trying to think what you did to push him away. You blame yourself and worry if you’ll ever have love again, or if you’ll ever want it again. You’re still young and you thought you’d have the rest of your life with him. Now you have an entirely different future ahead of you.

I know this whole process of separation and divorce is complicated, challenging, and maybe even unexpected for you right now. You’re hurting and you need someone who can help.

You love your friends and family, but they don’t get it. No one really ever prepared you to face divorce. The separation is already a nightmare, and you don’t know how much more you can manage on your own.

I’m here for you.

So where do you go from here?

How can I help?

You don’t have to go through the painful process of separation and divorce alone. I know this time can be confusing, scary, stressful, and anxiety-provoking. I know there may be days you struggle to leave home, and there may be days you don’t want to go home.

Together, we will take this one day at a time. When you need someone to listen, I’m here. When you need someone to help you process through everything you’re feeling and help you try to think clearly, I’m here. When you need encouragement through the process of getting the challenging steps of divorce done, I’m here.

You need someone who can help you pick up the pieces and not just start over, but start fresh.
I’ve helped other women walk the path of separation and divorce, and I can help you, too.

You are already going through enough, so you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.
If you’re going through separation and divorce, or seeking divorce recovery, out on the other side of the tunnel, our work will be about what you need.

You’re facing a long journey ahead, and there will be many challenges along the way. So I’m here to listen, support you, and help you work through all the hurt to begin creating a new life for yourself, with a future that you can be excited for.

You can take back your life after divorce.

Contact me today to schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation.

During your free consultation, we’ll talk about how counseling will help you work through the challenging and even painful process of divorce and separation.