Couples Therapy for Infertility

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You didn’t expect to be dealing with infertility.

It’s something you probably didn’t know how to plan for and you probably didn’t find out until you were ready to have children.

Infertility brings with it a lot of anxiety.

You feel stuck in a seemingly never-ending pattern.

One day, you’re trying and maybe even hoping.

The next minute, you feel a sense of failure.

It hurts.

You feel like your whole future is hanging onto one small hope.

It may be out of your control.




This is a raw place for you and you find yourself anticipating the worst, pulled apart by the anxiety of what your future holds.

Along with that, you often feel irritable. You’ve maybe lost some of the friendships you used to have. You may be filled with sadness or even depression. It’s hard to be yourself when you feel broken.

Sex lost the intimacy and spark that it once had. It’s now a business and a stressful one at that. You may be so focused on a schedule and on the right conditions that sex becomes a chore. It becomes work.
Or you may just be shutting down because there’s already too much loss and heartache attached to sex.
You and your partner are together; yet, you feel alone. You feel isolated.

It’s important to bring intimacy and enjoyment back into your relationship.

But what about all of the options out there? Medical procedures? Adoption?

There are so many choices to make. Doctors and other providers are now able to do so much more to treat infertility issues and to help people build their families.

So, it feels confusing when you’re still faced with infertility issues, to figure out where to go next and what your options are. It’s hard. It’s not something you think through until you’re stuck in the middle of it.

But having a plan in place doesn’t take away the feelings of loss and loneliness that you may already be experiencing; it doesn’t make up for the journey you may have already gone through to get to this point of realizing that you’re hurting and that your relationship is hurting.

It’s important, especially in these times, that you and your partner stay connected; that you stay supportive of each other and that you keep your relationship with each other at the center.

But let’s be real here: We live in the South; South Carolina might be a bit of an old-fashioned state and you may be feeling a stigma that continues to exist. People probably have asked you (on multiple occasions): “Why haven’t you had kids yet?” or “Don’t y’all want children?” So, on top of everything else you’re dealing with, you now feel ashamed. It’s led you to isolate yourself even more. You’d rather hide away and muddle through your grief, than be vulnerable and admit that you can’t do it alone. You don’t have to go through this alone.

You can have a thriving relationship even in the midst of infertility.

So how will therapy help?

Couples therapy is a time for you and your partner to pull closer together and unite against the feelings of despair. The anxiety and heartache you’ve both experienced weigh heavily on your relationship.

You need to let intimacy back into your marriage.

That’s my desire: to help you connect with each other, be able to share your needs, your frustrations, and understand each other in a way that doesn’t just make you good communicators, but makes you good partners. Therapy will help bring you both closer together through all you’re dealing with. My hope is that you experience a deeper level of intimacy.

Reconnect with one another and move past the despair, anxiety, and heartbreak.

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So, how can I, specifically, help you?

I am passionate about helping couples through their emotional pain and through these challenges with infertility because I know that it can get better. I’ve seen couples experience infertility and grow stronger together.

I’ve witnessed couples go from dreadful feelings of shame, isolation, and self-doubt to loving each other and feeling confident in their relationship, making them able to make decisions about their future and decide what steps are best for them to take.

That’s my hope for your journey in therapy: that you both can connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. Through exploring your experiences and working through the emotional pain of infertility, you and your partner will develop a stronger bond, understanding each other in new ways that can protect your relationship from the stress of doubt and fear. You can have hope. You can find relief and contentment in your relationship.

How has infertility impacted your relationship? Take this free screening tool to help you identify some of your relationship needs.

*This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a diagnostic tool.

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