Couples Therapy for Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Online Therapy in South Carolina

You weren’t


this pain.

You’re hurting. Losing your baby feels like the worst thing that could have happened.

This is like a nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from. Every day you’re hoping that maybe, just maybe, you will wake up, open your eyes, and everything will be better. But really, there’s a piece of you missing. And the emptiness reminds you every day how difficult this all is.

You and your partner are at a loss for words. You feel so alone. Grief rings louder than anything else.

You want to try to feel hopeful. But you also want to mourn and sit with the grief a little longer. Your emotions are all over the place, and it’s exhausting.

Maybe it comes in waves. Every day the pain is there, and sometimes it just seems to do nothing but grow.

It feels like your future is gone. Everything you planned, wiped away. The birthday parties you looked forward to, the graduations you didn’t yet want to think about, all of the family holidays you just knew would be brighter and even more joyful.

And the nursery. Maybe you were getting the nursery ready. The closet filled with baby clothes and shower gifts now.

Even worse, it feels like no one else really understands.

Your partner seems disconnected, and it feels like you aren’t in this together. You want support, and you want to be able to support your partner. But your relationship is another area that makes you feel unsure, confused, and even sad.

There’s no instruction manual for how to deal with a miscarriage or infant loss. It’s not something you plan for or even begin to expect. You’re both filled with shock, sadness, grief, and maybe even fear. Fear that this pain will never end. You know you need to take care of yourself and your relationship, but right now you may not know how to start.

So let’s start here.

You’re hurting, but you are not alone. You don’t have to go through this alone.
You’re grieving, and that’s ok. It’s different for everyone, and this may take time for you.
You want to have a safe, comfortable space to care for yourself. That means sometimes sitting in your sadness, and sometimes exploring hope.

You want your partner to understand what you’re going through too. You both experienced this loss, but you experienced it differently. You want to be able to share in these moments and support each other. You want to feel connected and know that you’re not alone. It’s hard to open up more about your grief, but you want to share those vulnerable pieces of yourself.

It may seem like empty words right now, but therapy can help you and your partner. You both can experience hope together by working through the pain of pregnancy or infant loss and sharing in all the ups and downs together. You both can ultimately find hope together and grow together, even through a tragic experience.

Therapy will help you both begin to work through all the emotions you’re experiencing. We will work together to help you connect with each other through all of these feelings and grief. You will be able to become a team again and continue supporting each other as you gain hope. There is life after this. Your journey isn’t over. Better things are ahead.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

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