Marriage Counseling for Infidelity

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You never thought you’d be here, after an affair. Your marriage used to be great- a safe haven, an exciting adventure, a secure love. But then things changed.

You began to notice some differences, and you started to feel suspicious. Those random calls and messages didn’t seem so random. Work shouldn’t have run over so late. Nights out with other friends were happening way too frequently.

You didn’t want to think your partner was having an affair, but it was hard not to wonder.

Then you found out. You saw that message. It felt like a knife, sharp in your back. Your gut sank, and your heart with it.

So you searched for more. You drove yourself crazy looking at the evidence, digging up all the dirt. It just couldn’t be real. But the worst part now is, it was all too real. Infidelity– something you never thought you’d face- has invaded your life.

This changed everything you believed about your marriage.

You’re left feeling unloved, unwanted, unsure of yourself. You’re questioning everything about your relationship. Everything you thought you knew, all the love you used to feel, it all seems like a lie now. You’re angry. You’re bitter. You’re scared.

You think of how things used to be- the love you both felt. Every day together was a gift, a special, intimate time for you two.
That all seems so far away now.

But there is hope.

You’re both here now. You’re wanting to change. You’re hurting, and you just want some relief. There’s maybe even still a piece of you that cares for each other and that wants to try to fix your marriage.

You want to know that you can heal from an affair.

This isn’t something you planned for. It’s certainly not something you hoped for. But now you want to pick up the pieces and move forward. So you both have to make the choice: do you want to move forward together or separately?

Even though it all may feel a bit pointless now, and you’re not sure how moving forward together is possible, if you want to try, then there’s hope. I’m here to help you pick up the pieces from the affair and begin moving onward and upward, restoring and strengthening your marriage.

Rebuilding your marriage after an affair may not be an easy task, but it’s worth it.

I take a specific approach to helping you in couples therapy, based on your experiences and needs.

I can help you truly heal by understanding each other on a deeper level, examining the cycle that pushed you apart, and reinventing it- creating a new pattern in which you’re able to develop trust and honesty with each other.

We will explore the challenges your relationship faced and the things that drove you apart. We will reshape the way you each express your needs, and the way your partner hears and understands you (and vice versa). These are some of the steps that will rebuild and strengthen your relationship, to help you prepare to face future challenges.

I know that may not all seem possible right now. Healing in the aftermath of an affair can be a long journey. It can take months, even years, to fully reset, to live in a new pattern of trust and security. I don’t say that to discourage you, but instead to give you a starting point. You know how detrimental this betrayal is to your life. Your entire mindset and view of relationships has been damaged and hurt. So it will take time, and a great amount of work in that time, to heal.

But together, we can get there. You can restore your relationship. I can help you stand up from the ruins, pick up the pieces, build trust, develop intimacy, and regain hope.

Therapy will be a space for you both to come, to discuss your hurt, your betrayal, and your fears- without judgment or shame. Couples therapy can help you heal from the affair by focusing on your underlying needs and helping you and your partner empathize with each other’s hurts. Your marriage will never be what it used to be, but it will grow. Relationship counseling will help your relationship become more mature, secure, and steady.

Infidelity doesn’t define your future. Your relationship can have love, trust, and hope.

You can create a new, more secure and supportive relationship.

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